Suzukiite – polymorphic to Bavsiite


  • Named in honor of Jun Suzuki, a professor of mineralogy and petrology, at the Hokkaido University, Sapporo (Japan).
  • Suzukiite belongs to the inosilicates (chain silicates) and is polymorphic to Bavsiite, which is tetragonal.
  • Formula: BaVSi2O7
  • Space group: Cmcm (No. 63)
  • Crystal system: orthorhombic
  • Crystal class: mmm
  • Lattice parameters: a = 5.3546(16), b = 15.249(5) Å, c = 7.094(2) Å, α = β = γ = 90°

Picture: D. Nishio-Hamane – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Crystal structure (click on the picture to download the VESTA file):

(K. Momma and F. Izumi, “VESTA 3 for three-dimensional visualization of crystal, volumetric and morphology data,”J. Appl. Crystallogr., 44, 1272-1276 (2011).)


  • BaO10 polyhedra (not shown as polyhedra, Ba green)
  • SiO4 tetrahedra (yellow)
  • VO5 square pyramids (purple)
  • Oxygen (red)

For a 3D interactive version on sketchfab, see here:

Crystal Structure of Suzukiite from the Mogurazawa Mine, Gunma Prefecture, Japan,
M. Ito, S. Matsubara, K. Yokoyama, K. Momma, R. Miyawaki, I. Nakai, A. Kato
Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 2014, 109, 222-227

DOI: 10.2465/jmps.140520


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