Chapter 2

Unit 2.1 – Visiting the Mineralogical Museum

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Transcript of the Unit 2.1

List of Minerals at the Mineralogical Museum of Hamburg (PDF)

Unit 2.2 – Morphology of Crystals

Slides Unit 2.2

Transcript of Unit 2.2

Further material/links:

MiMa: crystal shape generator
(Java required)
Use the sliders to create realistic shapes of systems that crystallize in the cubic crystal system.

A. S. Barnard and S. P. Russo: Modelling nanoscale FeS2 formation in sulfur rich conditions
(subscription required)

J. Alonso Azcárate, M. Rodas, L. Fernández Díaz, S.H. Bottrell, J.R. Mas, A. López: Causes of variation in crystal morphology in metamorphogenic pyrite deposits of the Cameros Basin

Unit 2.3 – Miller Indices

Slides Unit 2.3

Transcript of Unit 2.3

Exercise Solution – Determining Miller Indices

Additional graphic concerning positive and negative Miller indices

Further material/links:

University of Cambridge: Lattice Planes and Miller Indices
This teaching and learning package provides an introduction to the method used to describe planes of atoms in a crystalline material. The practical uses of describing planes of atoms are also addressed.

Unit 2.4 – Bravais Lattices (I)

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Transcript of Unit 2.4

Optional assignment for Unit 2.4

Unit 2.5 – Bravais Lattices (II)

Slides Unit 2.5

Transcript of Unit 2.5

Unit 2.6 – Fractional Coordinates

Slides Unit 2.6

Transcript of Unit 2.6

Unit 2.7 – VESTA

Written Tutorial (PDF)

Unit cell and atomic parameters of Chalcanthite (PDF)

CIF of Chalcanthite

VESTA Download
VESTA is a 3D visualization program for structural models, crystal morphologies etc.
Follow the Link then click “Download” and choose the appropriate Version of VESTA for your operating system.

Unit 2.7b – Crystal Shapes with VESTA

Written Tutorial (PDF)

Unit 2.8 – Three Aspects of the Hexagonal Crystal System

Slides Unit 2.8

Transcript of Unit 2.8

Unit 2.9 – Trigonal – Rhombohedral – Hexagonal-R

Slides Unit 2.9

Transcript of Unit 2.9