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The Space Group List Project as a Poster

The Space group list project ‘230’ – a collection of examples containing at least one crystal structure for all of the 230 space groups – is now available as a synoptical poster (size DIN A0, 84.1 x 118.9 mm):


Feel free to download and share the PDF!

If you print the poster on canvas you may use it also as a special shower curtain 😉




Example – [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]

The structure of hexaamminechromium(III) pentachlorocuprate(II), [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]

Raymond, K.N.; Meek, D.W.; Ibers, J.A.
Inorganic Chemistry (1968) 7, p1111-p1117





Cu (pink)
Cr (dark blue)
N (blue)
Cl (green)
H (white)


3D rotatable model of [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]




Example – Zeolite-LTA-frame, Na92(Al92Si100O384)

The structure of dehydrated Na zeolite A (Si/Al=1.09) by neutron profile refinement

Adams, J.M.; Haselden, D.A.; Hewat, A.W.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry (1982) 44, p245-p253





Si (orange)
O (red)
Al (blue)
Na (green)


3D rotatable model of Zeolite LTA




Example – (NH4)[(Mo12O36)(AsO4)Mo(MoO)]

Hydrothermal synthesis, structure characterization and catalytic property of a new 1-D chain built on bi-capped Keggin type mix-valence molybdenum compound: (NH4)(Mo(VI)6Mo(V)6O36(As(V)O4)Mo(V)(Mo(V)O))

Mei Hua; Yan Dawei; Chen Qi; Xu Yan; Sun Qi
Inorganica Chimica Acta (2010) 363, p2265-p2268



bi-capped Keggin type mix-valence molybdenum compound


As (green)
Mo (rosy-silver)
N (blue)
O (red)


3D rotatable model of (NH4)[(Mo12O36)(AsO4)Mo(MoO)]




Example – V6SnSi

Investigation of the structure and the properties of alloys of the system V3Si – V3Sn

Savitskii, E.M.; Baron, V.V.; Efimov, Yu.V.; Gladyshevskii, E.I.
Inorganic Materials (1965) 1, (2) p191-p192




VSn4/VSi4 tetrahedra (red)
Si/Sn (yellow/rosy-silver)


3D rotatable model of V6SnSi