Chapter 6

Unit 6.1 – Introduction to Metal-Organic Frameworks

Slides Unit 6.1

Transcript of Unit 6.1

Further material/links:

Chris Wilmer: High density energy storage using self-assembled materials
(YouTube video)

Unit 6.2 – “Infinite” Crystalline Compounds

Slides Unit 6.2

Transcript of Unit 6.2

Further material/links:

Laura Howes: Prussian Blue

This podcast explains the history and the electronic properties of the blue pigment called Prussian Blue.

Unit 6.3 – Inorganic Secondary Building Units of MOFs

Slides Unit 6.3

Transcript of Unit 6.3

Further material/links:

Omar Yaghi, Michael O’Keeffe: Secondary building units, nets and bonding in the chemistry of metal–organic frameworks

An overview on the many different type of carboxylate-based inorganic SBUs, that can be used for the synthesis of MOFs. This article can be found on the website of Prof. Yaghi.

Unit 6.4 – Organic Secondary Building Units of MOFs

Slides Unit 6.4

Transcript of Unit 6.4

Further material/links:

ZIP of VESTA files of the MOFs from Unit 6.4

This ZIP file contains the VESTA files of the following MOFs: HKUST-1, MOF-5, UiO-66 and cMOF-1b.

Unit 6.5 – Topology of MOFs

Slides Unit 6.5

Transcript of Unit 6.5

Further material/links:

Daniela Frahm et al.: Two Metal–Organic Frameworks with a Tetratopic Linker: Solvent-Dependent Polymorphism and Postsynthetic Bromination

The example from our group of the two different MOFs resulting from the same linker and the same metal in different solvents.

Unit 6.6 – Principles of Network Determination

Slides Unit 6.6

Transcript of Unit 6.6

Further material/links:

M. O’Keeffe and B. G. Hyde: Crystal Structures I: Patterns and Symmetry
Beautiful book about crystals and symmetry which also covers the topological approach to crystallography. The complete book is available free of charge.

V. A. Blatov D. M. Proserpio: Periodic-Graph Approaches in Crystal Structure Prediction
Link to a sample chapter of the book “Periodic-Graph Approaches in Crystal Structure Prediction”