In the not so far future, an introductory textbook on crystallography will be published.

Here you will find some

Electronic Supplementary Materials to the Textbook

Introduction to Crystallography

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The book was originally published in German under the title “Faszination Kristalle und Symmetrie”, 1. Auflage, Springer Spektrum, © Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH 2016.


If you have a question about the book, if you did not understand a certain fact, then you can write me an email. I will then try to answer your questions satisfactorily and rather promptly. If you allow the content of your question(s) to be published on this website (even anonymously, if you wish), a FAQ list will be created over time, which could also help other people interested in crystallography.

Chapter 1

Crystallographic poetry, spoken, animated and accompanied by music.


More materials will be added soon…