Chapter 7

Unit 7.1 – Installation of ToposPro

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Transcript of Unit 7.1

ToposPro Homepage

Unit 7.2 – TOPOS: Import and Adjacency Matrix

Slides Unit 7.2

Transcript of Unit 7.2

Further material/links:

ZIP file with the CIF of HKUST-1

Unit 7.3 – Simplification of HKUST-1

Slides Unit 7.3

Transcript of Unit 7.3

Further material/links:

Omar Yaghi, Michael O’Keeffe: Deconstructing the Crystal Structures of Metal-Organic Frameworks and Related Materials into Their Underlying Nets

A review on the methods to reduce MOFs to their underlying nets.

This article can be found on the publication section of the website of Prof. Omar Yaghi.

Unit 7.4 – Classification of the underlying net of HKUST-1

Slides Unit 7.4

Transcript of Unit 7.4

Unit 7.5 – Creation of a Tiling

Slides Unit 7.5

Transcript of Unit 7.5

Unit 7.6 – Working with 3dt

Slides Unit 7.6

Transcript of Unit 7.6

Further material/links:

Tiling of the tbo net as a ZIP file

RCSR entry for pcu (MOF-5)

RCSR entry for fcu (UiO-66)

RCSR entry for nbo (MOF-101)