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Chapter 4 released on YouTube

Dear Friends,

Chapter 4 of our course ‘The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry’ is now available on YouTube.

In this chapter we will focus on symmetry operations that separate crystal structures from (other) macroscopic objects: glide planes and screw axes. After that we are ready to climb up the last step of our “ladder of crystal classification”, reaching, finally, the space groups. We will open the “crystallographers’ bible”, the International Tables for Crystallography, Volume A.

best wishes!

Frank and Michael




Chapter 3 released on YouTube

Chapter 3 is all about symmetry. We will start with the symmetries that can be found in everyday objects.

You will then learn how to classify crystals into their respective classes. We have prepared a small poster, so you can keep track of your very own collection of crystals.

Furthermore, we want to begin to talk about translational symmetry. This symmetry is a particular feature of crystal structures with their repetitive patterns.

Chapter 2 now on YouTube

Today we released the second chapter of our course into the YouTube channel!

It starts with a virtual flight through the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Hamburg. In the following outer shapes of crystals, Miller indices, the Bravais lattices, and fractional coordinates are being discussed. Furthermore, we introduce VESTA, an incredible piece of software (freeware), which not only allows you to analyze crystal structures, but also to build your own crystals structures and visualize crystal shapes!


Michael & Frank