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Textbook available

I’m very happy that the English edition of my book on #crystallography is finally available!

I know it is a bit expensive, but at least you get the eBook when you order the hardcover version.

You can order it here:


On this page you can find some electronic supplementary materials, for instance CIF files of the crystal structures that are mentioned in the book, sheets for paper models of typical crystal shapes and some animations.


Textbook published / Lehrbuch veröffentlich

Dear readers of my blog,

I am very pleased to announce that my introductory textbook on crystallography “Faszination Kristalle und Symmetrie”…


…is now available on Amazon:


The electronic (ePub, PDF) version is available on the publishers site at Springer:


There are also some additional electronic resources available, which are gathered on this particular webpage.

This first edition is published only in German, however, it is not excluded that further editions will be also available in English; that is, of course, the decision of the publisher.


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser dieses Blogs,

ich freue mich, ankündigen zu können, dass mein kleines einführendes Buch zur Kristallographie…


soeben erschienen ist und z.B. über Amazon bestellbar ist:


Das eBook ist in zwei verschiedenen Formaten (ePub, PDF) auf der Springer-Verlagsseite verfügbar:


Desweiteren sind auf dieser Webseite einige zusätzliche elektronische Ressourcen zusammengetragen, z.B. Bastelbögen für Kristallmodelle aus Papier, einige Animationen und Kristallstrukturdateien (CIF- und VESTA-Dateien) von einigen Mineralen und anderen chemischen Verbindungen.

Diese erste Auflage ist nur auf Deutsch erschienen, aber es ist nicht ausgeschlossen, dass künftige Auflagen auch ins Englische übersetzt werden.

Chapter 5 now on YouTube

Chapter 5 released!

Dear all,

today Chapter 5 of our course has been released on YouTube!

In this chapter we will practise the handling with the International Tables a little further. But in contrast to staring only at circles and commas we will additionally look at real world crystals and some of their symmetry and physical properties.

And you can be curious about the story of one of the most thrilling scientific discoveries of the last century: the discovery of quasicrystals by Dan Shechtman.


Frank and Michael


Chapter 3 released on YouTube

Chapter 3 is all about symmetry. We will start with the symmetries that can be found in everyday objects.

You will then learn how to classify crystals into their respective classes. We have prepared a small poster, so you can keep track of your very own collection of crystals.

Furthermore, we want to begin to talk about translational symmetry. This symmetry is a particular feature of crystal structures with their repetitive patterns.




Example – [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]

The structure of hexaamminechromium(III) pentachlorocuprate(II), [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]

Raymond, K.N.; Meek, D.W.; Ibers, J.A.
Inorganic Chemistry (1968) 7, p1111-p1117





Cu (pink)
Cr (dark blue)
N (blue)
Cl (green)
H (white)


3D rotatable model of [Cr(NH3)6][CuCl5]




Example – Zeolite-LTA-frame, Na92(Al92Si100O384)

The structure of dehydrated Na zeolite A (Si/Al=1.09) by neutron profile refinement

Adams, J.M.; Haselden, D.A.; Hewat, A.W.
Journal of Solid State Chemistry (1982) 44, p245-p253





Si (orange)
O (red)
Al (blue)
Na (green)


3D rotatable model of Zeolite LTA