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Example – Graphite

Structure of graphite by neutron diffraction

Trucano, P.; Chen, R.
Nature (London) (1975) 258, p136-p137






3D rotatable model of Graphite


Get ready for Chapter 5!

today at 12:00 p.m. (noon in Berlin) Chapter 5 of our course will be activated.

We hope, you are all doing well!

After the halftime break, we will practise the handling with the International Tables a little further. But in contrast to staring only at circles and commas we will additionally look at real world crystals and some of their symmetry and physical properties. And you can be curious about the story of one of the most thrilling scientific discoveries of the last century: the discovery of quasicrystals by Dan Shechtman.

Maybe some of you are also willing to contribute to the growing list of one concrete example of a crystal for each of the 230 space groups? Have a look at:


Looking forward to meet you at class and in the forum!

Michael and Frank