Chapter 4 released on YouTube

Dear Friends,

Chapter 4 of our course ‘The Fascination of Crystals and Symmetry’ is now available on YouTube.

In this chapter we will focus on symmetry operations that separate crystal structures from (other) macroscopic objects: glide planes and screw axes. After that we are ready to climb up the last step of our “ladder of crystal classification”, reaching, finally, the space groups. We will open the “crystallographers’ bible”, the International Tables for Crystallography, Volume A.

best wishes!

Frank and Michael




2 thoughts on “Chapter 4 released on YouTube

  1. Philem Pushparani

    Hi Frank and Micheal, your youtube videos on crystallography are the best. I got lot of basic concepts cleared. Thank you so much for all the creative videos. Could you guys add a chapter on protein crystallography as well and also on concepts associated with diffraction data solving ?

  2. doktorholz Post author

    Dear Philem,

    thank you very much for your nice words! We are glad that you find our videos useful.

    Unfortunately, we cannot add a chapter on protein crystallography, simply because we are not familiar with this topic.

    It is not excluded that we will produce someday a series of lectures concerning single-crystal X-ray diffraction, however we are not able to do this in the near future – sorry 😦

    kind regards!


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