Get Ready for Chapter Three!

Hello everyone,

the upcoming chapter is all about symmetry. We will start with the symmetries that can be found in everyday objects. For example, you will investigate the symmetry elements of the queen of clubs or a boomerang.

You will then learn how to classify crystals into their respective classes. We have prepared a small poster, so you can keep track of your very own collection of crystals.

Furthermore, we want to begin to talk about translational symmetry. This symmetry is a particular feature of crystal structures with their repetitive patterns. However, we will go easy with you and explain it with an imaginary walk on a beach and look at drawings of the famous artist M.C. Escher.

We hope that you are curious, how our crystallographic journey continues.

Apart from the P2P homework concerning crystal classes there are two further optional assignments. Feel free to discuss them with your classmates in the forum or within your learning groups. The first one can be found in Unit 3.4 (on the last slide) and the other one in Unit 3.7 (on slide 13).

Finally, we want to mention that the deadline for an upgrade to the Certificate Track was extended by one further week, so you can still decide to choose this track until the 6th of November.

See you in class!

Michael & Frank



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