Example – Schoenfliesite, MgSn(OH)6

Named for Arthur Moritz Schoenflies (1853-1928), professor of mathematics, University of Frankfurt.

Description of Schoenfliesite, MgSn(OH)6, and roxbyite, Cu1.72S, from a 1375 BC shipwreck, and Rietveld neutron-diffraction refinement of synthetic schoenfliesite, wickmanite, MnSn(OH)6, and burtite, CaSn(OH)6

Basciano, L.C.; Peterson, R.T.; Roeder, P.L.; Swainson, I.
Canadian Mineralogist (1998) 36, p1203-p1210






MgO6 octahedra (green)
SnO6 octahedra (rosy-grey)


3D rotatable model of Schoenfliesite

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