Example – ZnSO4

H-ZnSO4, das erste Sulfat mit einer kubischen H-Cristobalit-Struktur

Spiess, M.; Gruehn, R.
Naturwissenschaften (1978) 65, p594-p594





ZnO4 tetrahedra (silver)
SO4 tetrahedra (yellow)


3D rotatable model of ZnSO4


3 thoughts on “#196

  1. tomas

    The illustration shows a #216 crystal, nope? The crystal contains mirror planes, but in group #196 you should not have any.

    1. doktorholz Post author

      Dear Tomas,

      I just checked the structure and although the original data set (and the CIF) was published as F23 your are right, the coordinate set of ZnSO4 shows clearly F-43m symmetry (#216 as you said)! Therefore, I will inform the FIZ Karlsruhe (editor of the ICSD) of the wrong data, will look for another compound, which truly shows F23 symmetry and will update the entry #196 of this space group list soon!

      thanks again and all the best


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