Example – tetracosakis(µ2-Methoxo)- dodecakis(µ2-proline)- dodeca-iron(iii) dodecaperchlorate

A.-A.H.Abu-Nawwas, J.Cano, P.Christian, T.Mallah, G.Rajaraman, S.J.Teat, R.E.P.Winpenny, Y.Yukawa
Chem.Commun. (2004), 314




FeO6 octahedra (brown)
ClO4 tetrahreda (green)
N (blue)
O (red)
C (black)
H (white)


3D rotatable model of tetracosakis(µ2-Methoxo)- dodecakis(µ2-proline)- dodeca-iron(iii) dodecaperchlorate

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