This is also an interesting entry because space group #93 is as rarely occupied as space group #89 (P422).

In the paper of Urusov and Nadezhina it is mentioned that according to an investigation of Baur and Kassner in the year 1992 inorganic representatives of this space group are even absent.

Indeed, the ICSD retrieves 0 hits for this space group!

However, there are 6 hits in the CCDC, and for 4 of them also coordinate sets are given.

Example – Tetraphenylarsonium tetrakis(dimethyldithiophosphinato-S,S’)-cerium

Crystal and molecular structures of [AsPh4][Ln(S2PMe2)4] (Ln = Ce or Tm) and their comparison with results obtained from paramagnetic nuclear magnetic resonance data in solution

St.Spiliadis, A.A. Pinkerton, D. Schwarzenbach
J. Chem. Soc., Dalton Trans., 1982, 1809-1813



C (black)
As (purple)
P (orange)
S (yellow)
Ce (lime)

3D rotatable model of [AsPh4][Ln(S2PMe2)4]


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