Example – Chesnokovite, Na2[SiO2(OH)2] • 8 H2O

Named for B.V. Chesnokov (1928-2005), an outstanding mineralogist.

Chesnokovite, Na2[SiO2(OH)2] • 8 H2O, the first natural sodium orthosilicate from the Lovozero alkaline pluton, Kola Peninsula: Description and crystal structure, of a new mineral species, Locality: Mt. Kedykverpakhk, Lovozero alkaline pluton, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Pekova I V , Chukanov N V , Zadov A E , Zubkova N V , Pushcharovsky D Yu
Geology of Ore Deposits , 49 (2007) p.727-738




SiO4 tetrahedra (orange)
NaO6 slightly distorted octahedra (green)

3D rotatable model of Chesnokovite


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