Chapter 7 will be activated today!

Dear Students,

we will shortly make Chapter 7 of this course available. This will be the final chapter of this course and it will be all about topology.

We will show you how to use three programs for the analysis of framework structures:TOPOS, Systre and 3dt.

In the last chapter, we have shown you that framework structures have an underlying net. This week you will learn how to classify these underlying nets with TOPOS. We will reduce the crystal structure of HKUST-1 – a MOF that you may remember from the last chapter – to its underlying net. Systre helps us to find the most symmetrical representation of the net. Finally, 3dt allows displaying the topology of a net as tilings, meaning that the empty space of the net is shown by space-filling polyhedra, resulting in very beautiful pictures of three-dimensional patterns.

We hope that you will upload some of the pictures you will have created upon completion of this course to our flickr group. This can be done by sending an eMail with the picture attached to:

The subject of the mail automatically serves as the title and the body as the description of the picture.You can find our flickr group at

Once more we invite you to like our facebook page

Even after this course ends we will provide interesting, crystallographic news on this page. And we also would like to keep you informed about our future plans for another online course. Do you have a question concerning crystallography? We would like to hear from you there!

For one more time: see you in class!

Michael and Frank


PS: All students, who are enrolled at the 17th of June 2014, will have access to all course materials at least until October 2014. This will also be the deadline for achieving the 80 % level of personal progress in order to obtain the statement of participation.


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