Chapter 2 starts today!

Dear Students!

Welcome to Chapter 2 of our Crystal MOOC, which is entitled “Morphology of Crystals, Fractional Coordinates, and Crystal Systems”!


We will start with a virtual flight through the Mineralogical Museum of the University of Hamburg, will discuss the outer shapes of crystals, Miller indices, the Bravais lattices, and fractional coordinates. Furthermore, we introduce VESTA, an incredible piece of software (freeware), which allows you to analyze crystal structures, to build your own crystals structures and crystal shapes!

Peer-to-Peer Homework and Due Dates
Please note, with the beginning of this chapter Homeworks have to be done, namely P2P assignments. You will find an explanation how this works on the frontpage of the Homework unit (‘How Does Evaluation Work’).

The due dates for all P2P homeworks of the course are as follows:
Chapter 2 | Submission Deadline: 09.05.2014 | Evaluation Deadline: 16.05.2014
Chapter 3 | Submission Deadline: 23.05.2014 | Evaluation Deadline: 30.05.2014
Chapter 4 | Submission Deadline: 30.05.2014 | Evaluation Deadline: 06.06.2014
Chapter 7 | Submission Deadline: 17.06.2014 | Evaluation Deadline: 24.06.2014

Optional assignment and Discussion forum
In addition to the homework there is a further optional task (in Unit 2.4). The solution will be made available next Tuesday (6th of May).

In general, we would like to encourage you to use the forum: discuss topics with your peers, ask questions, look for interesting links posted by other users or perhaps even arrange a local meetup with others! Don’t be shy! 🙂

Furthermore, we think it is preferable to use only the “Answer the question” or “New Answer” option in the forum and not the “Add comment” function for two reasons: Comments can be easily overlooked (as they are hidden by default) and they appear not chronologically ordered together with the answers!

Crystal MOOC’s flickr page
We have created a flickr account for the Crystal MOOC community! The idea is, that we build together a beautiful collection of photos, dedicated to specific crystallographic topics, which will then be categorized in albums. In Unit 2.7b you are asked to upload photos/screenshots of crystal shapes you created with VESTA.

The flickr page can be found at:

You can upload a photo to this page by sending an eMail with the picture attached to:

The subject of the mail serves automatically as the title and the body as the description of the picture.

Have a nice week!
kind regards

Anna, Frank, Michael, and Timo


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