We declare the Crystal MOOC open!

a warm welcome to all of you!

Today we are starting our course with over 11,000 of you, who signed up for this Crystal MOOC already. We are excited to be your instructors for this class and look forward to our discussions. Please take a look at the course description below, share it with your friends, and tell them to sign up for free here:


The first chapter consists of the following units:

Unit 1.0 – Welcome
Unit 1.1 – Crystal and Structures – Powers of Ten
Unit 1.2a – Crystallographic Poetry
Unit 1.2b – Crystallographic Poetry – Systematization
Unit 1.3 – Definition of Crystals and Anisotropy
Unit 1.4 – The Correspondence Principle (I)
Unit 1.5 – The Correspondence Principle (II)
Unit 1.6 – The Formation of Snowflakes
Unit 1.7 – The Concept of the Unit Cell
Unit 1.8 – The 7 Crystal Systems
Unit 1.9 – Crystal = Lattice + Motif

If you have any questions concerning technical issues of the platform, please send an email to iversity:

Questions concerning the content of our course can be discussed in the forum.

Furthermore, you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at:

You may also join our Crystal MOOC facebook page at:

Best wishes!
Michael and Frank


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